June 26, 2024: Growing Energy Trends: USA and Mexico

Wednesday, June 26, Noon CST
1 hour MCLE Credit

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Please join us for a webinar lunch and learn as panelists Ruben Arredondo and David Munoz Andrade present Growing Energy Trends: USA and Mexico. This session will offer 1 hour MCLE credit.

Course Description: Ruben Arredondo and David Munoz Andrade will discuss growing energy dependency between the USA and Mexico, with particular focus on the southwest border of the US and between Texas and Mexico. They will highlight the growing trend of Mexican entities looking to sell energy into US markets, the increasing need for energy in areas from Louisiana, through Texas, and to California. They will discuss how this impacts ERCOT and neighboring states. The discussion will include an overview of the general landscape of energy scale development in Mexico, presidential permits, and interconnection in Texas. They will conclude their presentation by encouraging and addressing questions raised by audience members.

Panelists: Ruben Arredondo, Regime Energy Partners

Ruben is an electrical energy lawyer and project developer. He has extensive experience working for and advising state commissions across the US, Mexico and Europe on varied electrical and renewable energy issues. He worked for the federal government as an enforcement and energy infrastructure lawyer for multiple years, before forming Regime and co-founding developer Kanaloa Energy. He also advises EnergyTech and ClimateTech companies in developing software solutions. His vast experience dealing with the technical and regulatory aspects of electrical energy development across multiple regions help him serve his clients as they develop complex, capital intensive and high yield, generation and transmission assets.

David Munoz Andrade, Diurna

David is an energy professional and project developer with deep experience developing distribution and utility scale generation on both the Texas and Mexican side of the border. He has served as director for Mexican energy regulators, as well as executive for US companies developing energy solutions from California to Texas and in between. His experience also has led him to develop the non-profit KidWind, which helps teachers and students creatively explore the science, technology and implications of a world powered by renewable energy.